Album cover for The Picture Section by Steve Cunningham

Welcome to The Picture Section, 

a relatively quiet collection of songs inspired by photos in the Chicago Sunday Tribune “Picture Section”  from September 9, 1945. 

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In this song, I sing to the cover of the “Picture Section” magazine, which is a photo of Joan Bennett. I complain that it has become an affliction of nostalgia.

This song is sung by the painter in the photo; she’s telling the posing AI what to do when humanity is done.

This song is sung to the woman in the photo who was just sentenced for her participation in an act of mob violence, which reminds me of events on 1/6/21.

This song is sung by the painter in the photo as she struggles to finish “A Summer’s Day Desire”.

In this song, I’m singing to the woman in the photo who’s looking through binoculars; she’s a recent empty nester.

This song is sung by the seated painter in the photo; she’s fantasizing about the man who is posing under the awning.

The “Picture Section” magazine was part of the Chicago Sunday Tribune on September 9, 1945. I discovered a copy at the Symphony Book Fair in New Orleans, and was inspired to write songs for each of the photos in the magazine. Seven of those songs are in this collection. 

Page 10 of the Picture Section magazine

For example, this is page 10 of the magazine. The song “When You Don’t Hear From Me” was inspired by the outlined photo.



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